Wiring For Low-Voltage In A Luxury Home

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By Mitchell Foster

Wiring For Low-Voltage In A Luxury Home

Importance of Low Voltage Wiring In New & Remodeled Homes

Before sheetrocking your new home build or renovation, it’s imperative to make sure that all of your low voltage wire is in place before the walls get closed. While home networks have improved and more things are able to operate on Wi-Fi, the more wire you can get into your home before your house is sheetrocked the better. Having a device hardwired to your network is always going to provide the fastest speeds available. While wiring for internet access is important there are many other Home Automation solutions that require low voltage lines to operate in the most efficient manner. If you would like a centralized lighting system, automated shades, distributed audio and video then proper wiring is a must. 

Wiring for a Home Network

Properly wiring a home is a key to ensuring a home has the strongest home network possible. Carefully thought out wire plans will create a strong wired & wireless network. The most powerful Access Points, the antennas that supply a home with Wi-Fi signal, require a hardwire connection from the router. An access point covers roughly 850 sq ft so you need well thought out plan to properly provide your home with a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal. 

Wiring for Lighting Control

Like other areas in the Home Automation field, lighting control can be accomplished after the fact with wireless solutions however that’s never the first choice. We install Centralized lighting systems, keypads are installed in place of light switches and dimmers. The keypads can be programmed to control any light in the house, you can even use your phone! In Centralized Lighting Systems, low voltage wire is run to the keypads and high voltage wire is run to the lights. In a conventional lighting system, the switches and lights are all connected with high voltage wires. To learn more about the Centralized Lighting Systems we install read a blog going more in-depth about them! 

Wiring for Motorized Shades

A lot of homeowners aren’t sure if they want to have motorized shades in every single window. They may know they want to have them in high-use rooms such as the master suite, kitchen, and living room but are unsure about the other rooms. While we certainly understand if you’ve never had motorized shades before we highly recommend running wire to other windows that might be upgraded in the future. This will alleviate the stress of having to run wire when the house is finished and having to patch holes or utilize battery shades. Battery-operated shades are a great backup when wires aren’t able to be run but if there’s an opportunity to run wires, it should be taken even if wired motorized shades aren’t going to be installed right away. In the end, it will be much cheaper running the wire while the walls are open than doing it afterward. 

Wiring for AV

Wiring is necessary if you’re going to have a distributed audio & video (AV) system. If you’re unfamiliar with distributed AV we recently posted an in-depth blog discussing these systems. Whether installing in-ceiling, in-wall, or in-room speakers,   speaker wire needs to be run from the speakers to the amplifier. In a distributed AV system your wire will be run to a rack where all of the main equipment lives. 

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