How Wi-Fi 6 Improves Your Network

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By Mitchell Foster

Wi-Fi 6 Is Here & Brings Increased Reliability!

Westchester County, NY- The new standard of Wi-Fi is available, but what changes will be made? Is it going to be faster? More reliable? Can you stream with more devices simultaneously? Yes, yes, and yes. While Wi-Fi 6 will offer higher speeds, the reliable and stable connection is going to be the benefit you will appreciate the most. Wi-Fi 6 is going to allow you to connect more devices at once without them competing with each other. Another great feature about Wi-Fi 6 is that because your connection on your devices is going to be more reliable your device’s battery will not be stressed as much, increasing battery life.

An uninterrupted internet connection is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. With so many devices in our home requiring a strong reliable connection to operate properly, it’s no longer an option to not have a fast, reliable network. 

Wi-Fi 6 is about a 50% increase in speed, but it represents a significant increase in stability. The way the devices communicate, especially in home environments where there’s a lot of reflection, can make it difficult for stable connections. Wi-Fi 6 borrows technology from the cellular world and brings it into the Wi-Fi world to allow multiple devices to communicate simultaneously with increased stability between the access points (AP) and the client devices, and to enable devices to not have to wait as long to communicate back to the APs.

Nathan Holmes - Director of Training and Development @ Access Networks

Interoperability of New & Old Access Points

If you already have a comprehensive network in your home you don’t need to upgrade your entire system at once. You can gradually upgrade your access points to Wi-Fi 6. Maybe you want to start with heavy traffic areas such as your living or family room. Once you see the added functionality of those new access points that provide Wi-Fi 6 you’ll be rushing to upgrade the rest of your home’s network.

Test Your Speed

Want to test your network’s speed? Click the picture below to test your Wi-Fi speeds! Wi-Fi 6 routers and access points will be able to handle speeds upwards of 9.6 Gbps. Now just because the equipment can handle those speeds doesn’t mean that you’ll actually get to experience speeds that fast. Your Wi-Fi speed from your internet service provider (ISP) is going to play a part. Locally, Optimum & Verizon offers speeds of roughly 1 Gbps in certain areas. Hypothetically if you lived in an area where 1 Gbps was available and actually delivered then Wi-Fi 6 capable access points would be able to deliver those speeds.

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Click the picture to test your Wi-Fi speed!

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