Human Centric Lighting Benefits

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What is Human Centric Lighting? Stamford, CT – Human Centric Lighting is exactly what it sounds like: lighting that is centered around humans. What does that really mean though? Human Centric Lighting is lighting that can benefit the health and wellbeing of people. This type of lighting feels more natural than fluorescent and older LED […]

Benefits of Automated Lighting & Shades

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Benefits of Automated Lighting & Shade Systems Westport, CT – Lighting and shade control systems can add a world of benefits to your home. While convenience might be the first you think of, there’s a bevy of other advantages for your home. Saving money and more importantly saving time are two huge reasons to consider […]

Ketra: Fully Tunable Lighting Fixtures

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KETRA: Fully Tunable Lighting Fixtures KETRA: The Lighting Revolution Fairfield County, CT – Light has a profound impact on our lives. Experiencing the right light is critical, it can have a strong impact on how you feel. Whether that be natural light from sunrise energizing your morning or an artificial fluorescent light overwhelming your eyes. […]