Home Automation For Luxury Homes

Dimming Control

Home Automation For Luxury Homes What Can a Smart Home Do For You? Rye, NY – A fully automated and connected home or “smart home” provides homeowners a world of enjoyment, convenience, and security.  Connecting your lighting, shades, audio, video, and security provides homeowners a luxurious experience in their home that’s rewarding every day. Utilizing […]

New Audio Distribution System

new home audio from crestron

New Audio System From Crestron Fairfield County, CT-  Creston has recently announced a new audio distribution system and new speakers. DM-NAX, which is a new Audio-over-IP Amplifier Distribution System, will work seamlessly with their new Residential Speakers. The new Residential Speakers are exclusively designed and manufactured for Crestron by Origin Acoustics. These new products working […]

What’s Hi-Fi Audio?

multimedia acoustic sound speaker system music con QCVDENL

No, Not Wi-Fi, Hi-Fi Greenwich, CT- What is Hi-Fi? Hi-Fi is High-Fidelity audio that closely resembles the original audio with as little distortion as possible. Using music as the obvious example, when you’re listening to music it sounds like you’re in the studio when the artist recorded the song. How do you get a Hi-Fi […]

Benefits of Automated Lighting & Shades

Application Hero Image RF SAT SL 1

Benefits of Automated Lighting & Shade Systems Westport, CT – Lighting and shade control systems can add a world of benefits to your home. While convenience might be the first you think of, there’s a bevy of other advantages for your home. Saving money and more importantly saving time are two huge reasons to consider […]

Crestron Horizontal Sheers

master photo A cs shade roller hsheer

Cheer For Sheers Pound Ridge, NY – Crestron Horizontal Sheers are an exciting shading solution that features horizontal fabric vanes floating between two layers of sheer, knitted fabric. This allows the fabric vanes (the material between the two sheers) to open and close to control the amount of sunlight allowed through the sheers, allowing for […]

Crestron Control

Crestron control

Harmoniously Syncing Homes With Crestron! https://vimeo.com/229310127%20 For Homeowners with multiple residences, this Crestron video demonstrates the sophistication and simplicity a Creston system can add to your lifestyle.  You can now have all your properties linked seamlessly. No longer worry about what temperature your other residence may be, control it effortlessly with a Crestron system. Alleviate all […]

Crestron Remotes

Crestron Remote

Crestron Remotes Bring “Epic Functionality” To Smart Homes https://vimeo.com/248330107 The Challenge:Have you ever been watching TV in the dark, tried to press the “light” button on your remote (so you can see the buttons to adjust volume, channels, etc.) and accidentally hit the “off” button instead? The Solution:Our previous remote was great, but my wife […]