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Shades can visually transform a room and effortlessly maximize energy efficiency and security.  Custom window treatments are available in classic and contemporary styles, with a wide-range of fabric options. Large rooms with lots of windows, and cathedral ceilings with skylights, benefit from the convenience and energy efficiency of programmed, motorized, ultra-quiet shades.


Solarium shades with Triangular Transoms


Lutron Motorized Shades

Westchester, NY

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Connecticut Motorized Shade and Blind Control

Imagine a situation where you’re enjoying the latest Hollywood blockbuster in the comfort of your own home, but the sun has moved into exactly the wrong position and is now casting an impossibly annoying shadow on your television set. Rather than getting up to spend minutes adjusting the shades and blinds in the room, pulling yourself right out of the film in the process, you can just tap a button on your smartphone and take care of it all from your seat.

Or think about all the times you’ve gone on vacation and worried, even for just a few seconds a day, that people who wish to do you harm are going to realize that you’re not home. Raising or lowering the blinds would be a great way to give off the impression that someone is still around, but the neighbor from next door doesn’t get off work for another five hours – more than enough time for someone to realize that the house is empty.

These issues, and every one in between, are ones that you wouldn’t have to worry about any longer with motorized shade and blind control installation. As a core part of your home automation system, the professionals at DAVCO are here to bring exactly these types of benefits into your home each.

The Benefits of Motorized Shade and Blind Control

Energy Efficiency: Even during those cold winter months of the year, a room can still get very hot very quickly if it has a lot of large windows in the area. With motorized shade and blind control, you can automatically program your shades to raise or lower at specific times of the day, helping to keep your room at exactly the right temperature and maximize the energy efficiency of your home in the process.

Security: Motorized shades and blinds that you can control remotely are the best way to make it appear like someone is still in your home at all times, maximizing security – even if you’re halfway around the world on vacation.

Motorized Shade and Blind Control Brands We Use

Lutron: Lutron has been boldly paving the way for motorized shade and blind control technology since the 1990s through a series of impossibly dependable and state-of-the-art products.

Lutron has two main systems for residential home control. The RadioRA 2 is a wireless solution that not only controls your shades and blinds, but will also even turn off appliances when they’re not in use. The Homeworks QS is a system designed to integrate all facets of your light into one system, allowing you to create scenes with pre-determined light and shade levels at the touch of a button.

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