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Lutron Home Automation in CT

                                                                                                        Home Automation photo courtesy of Lutron

Home automation is the solution to your thoughts of  “If only….”.

  • *If only your home could be programmed to “wake up,” when you pull into your driveway.
  • *If only your home’s lighting, shades, and movie equipment could be programmed to adjust for movie night at the touch of a button.
  • *If only the climate, shades, lighting, and cameras could be programmed for a “Vacation” mode, and you could remotely monitor and control your home.

As your home automation company, we begin by listening to your needs and your wishes. Convenience, security, and energy efficiency are essential to the foundation of every home automation and smart home plan – and each client builds on that foundation with their unique lifestyle requests (morning exercise, quiet evenings at home, juggling kids’ schedules, outdoor entertaining, you name it….). Then we design a comprehensive plan, personalized to simplify life for everyone in your home. With our custom home automation installations, our control devices can be individualized for each user, with appropriate interfaces.

Finally, we provide personal training for your home automation system so that you can enjoy the full potential of what we have created together. We also keep detailed documentation of every job so that when you want to expand, service or upgrade your system, we can easily make the adjustments. Our goal is to create an elegant home automation system that will enhance your lifestyle for years to come.

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Connecticut Home Automation Solutions

When it comes to home automation expertise, the professionals at DAVCO are able to take your every home automation dream, from the most mundane to the most extravagant, and make them reality. With design plans centered around convenience, security, and energy efficiency, our custom home automation solutions not only rank high in the “wow” factor, but are highly practical as well. All of our plans are designed and personalized in order to help the client simplify his or her life. And our unique implementation and control processes even allow our clients to configure unique user settings for different members of the family or office.

After installing your customized home automation solution, we ensure that all users will be able to proficiently operate the system by providing in-depth training and ongoing support. Additionally, all jobs are thoroughly documented in case you wish to expand or upgrade your system in the future.

The Benefits of Home Automation

It is worth mentioning that the goal of many of our clients is to both simplify their lives and businesses, and to increase energy efficiency. But, these are not the only benefits of automation. Additional benefits include:

Standardization – One of the major benefits of an automated home or a business is the standardization factor. Creating a standardized environment can help increase worker productivity and minimize expenses.

Security – Many of our clients come to us with security as their principal objective. Such clients are primarily concerned with using our expertise to help create a comprehensive automated security program to keep their homes or businesses safe. These solutions may include security alarms and cameras – both of which can be controlled and monitored remotely, randomized lighting schedules, and even solutions to control door locks and appliances from a remote location.

Beauty – Our home automation solutions are not only practical, they are beautiful. Our current and previous clients are often most excited to see how our installations will flow with the current or planned aesthetic of their homes or businesses. We take care to not only provide top notch technology, but to also make it all look and feel natural.

Home Automation Brands We Use

We work with many major brands including:

Sony – A leader in high end electronics for several decades, Sony is truly the best of the best among manufacturers of televisions, projectors, and receivers. We have been using Sony products since our very beginning, three decades ago, and we continue to be impressed by the quality of their products, as well as their products’ durability

Crestron – Crestron has been in the home automation business for over 40 years. Crestron specializes in the manufacture of stylist touch screen controllers, which can efficiently control almost every aspect of your home or business including audio, video, HVAC, security, and even lighting and shade.

Lutron – Lutron is one of the country’s premier lighting control companies. It is best known for its elegant lighting and shade solutions.

Sonance – Since the early 1980s Sonance has been designing top end sound systems, including high quality invisible speakers, which can be blended into ceilings and walls. Sonance provides a wide array of sound solutions for both indoor and outdoor venues.

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