Motorized Shades

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Motorized Shades For Fairfield & Westchester County Homes.

Motorized shades are a stunning addition to any room and watching a fleet of shades move silently and simultaneously, at the touch of a button, is truly impressive. Automated window treatments can be installed almost anywhere, anytime, but intelligent shade control offers so much more.

For instance, a shade setting for “sleep” can be a simple touch of your keypad or a specific time programmed into your system, for automatic initiation. Shade settings can maximize energy efficiency, combat screen glare, reduce sun damage to furnishings, and add another facet to your home security.

Contact DAVCO for motorized window shade installations across Greenwich, New Canaan, Westport, CT, and Westchester NY! We offer home theater installations, smart home automation, and more to upgrade your entire home!

Motorized Window Shades are a perfect investment for your home

  • Boosts Energy Efficiency: Insulation and light control are two features of motorized window shades that boost energy efficiency. Easily open shades with the touch of a button to let all the natural sunlight into a room so you can turn off lamps and lights.
  • Protect Furniture & Decor from the Sun: Direct sun exposure can be damaging to your furniture and decor by causing discoloration, fading, and other irreversible damage. Setting your solar motorized window blinds to a specific time allows you to protect your furniture while not having to remember to close the blinds yourself.
  • Security: Motorized window blinds offer a far more beneficial approach than just keeping your curtains closed. Since motorized window shades can operate automatically throughout the day, they will make it seem like someone is home, even if you are thousands of miles away.
  • Improves Sleep: Setting your motorized window shades to an automatic timer in your bedroom will help you wake up at your desired time in the morning. Not only that, but they can be scheduled to close at the proper time to best prepare you for your night’s sleep.

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