Wi-Fi Network Importance

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By Mitchell Foster

Is Anything More Important Than Wi-Fi?

New Canaan, CT – Is anything more important in your home than a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection? In 2022, connection to the internet is vital to the way we operate as humans. Whether it’s for zoom meetings, streaming movies, lighting control, or keeping your home security system connected, a strong Wi-Fi connection is a must.

That, in large part, is why when we’re entrusted with installing a home network for our clients we always recommend the best equipment available. The best equipment today provides your home with Wi-Fi 6, the most recent iteration of the Wi-Fi network protocol.

While increased speed is the attention-getter with the upgrade to Wi-Fi 6, the enhancement in reliability is just as important. With so many devices simultaneously connected to your wireless network Wi-Fi 6 has improved the ability to provide bandwidth within heavily-congested areas to all of these devices at the same time. 

Carefully Placed Access Points

In a 10,000 sq ft home, one router is not going to provide enough coverage for the entire house. Multiple access points are going to be needed, the rule of thumb is that 1 access point covers about 850-1,000 sq ft. So 10,000 sq ft would mean you would need approximately 10 access points if you want your whole house covered.

For some homeowners, their basements are utilized for storage and their mechanical systems for the house so having Wi-Fi isn’t a necessity. In contrast, others have entertainment areas with many devices needing a connection to the internet. Each customer has unique needs and we design our systems according to those needs.

Properly Wired

When you’re building a new home the more devices that are able to be hardwired the better. A hardwire connection not only provides a faster and more reliable connection but also reduces the number of devices on your Wi-Fi network. 

In a world filled with uncertainties, your home network shouldn’t be one. As always you can email us @ info@davcoinc.com or give us a call at (203) 838-5887.