Ketra: Fully Tunable Lighting Fixtures

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By Mitchell Foster

KETRA: The Lighting Revolution

Fairfield County, CT – Light has a profound impact on our lives. Experiencing the right light is critical, it can have a strong impact on how you feel. Whether that be natural light from sunrise energizing your morning or an artificial fluorescent light overwhelming your eyes. Incandescent lighting provides a great quality light but sacrifices efficiency. While LED’s made strides with efficiency the quality of light has been sacrificed.  With Ketra, we now have both.

Ketra has the efficiency you’re accustomed to with LED lights, with quality that surpasses an incandescent. Ketra allows you to mimic natural light and also provides so much more than any lighting product you’ve experienced before. Utilizing Ketra, you have control of their high-def color palette that produces the widest spectrum available: any shade of white light and any color you desire is now available at your fingertips.

We have been waking up under the sun for millions of years, taking refuge in front of the fire for over a million and a half, and lighting our homes with incandescent lamps ever since Edison illuminated Menlo park 142 years ago. In a very real sense, I believe, the history of our relationship with light is a map of who we are."

Justin Boening- Lutron Experience Center Leader

How Does KETRA Work?

The key to Ketra’s Natural Light Solution is the patented technology that allows users to shift color temperature and intensity across a dynamic, near-infinite spectrum of correlated color temperatures. Thus, allowing you to match your interior light to the natural light entering your home or office through windows. 


Ketra’s light matching the natural light from your windows for an evenly illuminated room at midday and evening

Curated Scenes

Ketra has revolutionized indoor lighting, allowing you to create and apply curated scenes whether you are entertaining, working, or just relaxing. Having command of white light through Color Temperature (1000-10,000 Kelvin), Vibrancy (brings color to life/makes color pop), and the saturation of colors allows you to transform your indoor surroundings. Using the Lutron App, you can truly take control of the light in your space. 

Ketra Color
Click on the photo for more examples of Ketra Lighting Scenes

Complete Dimming Control

Ketra is different than your standard led lights that have been available in the past. Traditional LED lights create white light by using blue light with a yellow phosphor coating. When this is dimmed it does not change color temperature and just lowers intensity leading to a less than satisfactory light.

On the contrary, Ketra dims similarly to a traditional incandescent bulb resulting in a warmer color. Its dimming capabilities allow light to be dimmed to .1% intensity, resembling one candle burning. Just enough light so you can get around but not too much to stimulate your senses.

Control your scene from your smart device

Remember, You Still Need To Control Exterior Light

While Ketra allows you to create beautiful curated scenes inside, it cannot work on its own. Ketra should be paired with a shading solution to create a beautiful and functional environment. Beautifully curated scenes won’t matter if city lights at night are disrupting your interior.

As always you can email us @ or give us a call at (203) 838-5887 to find out how we can incorporate Ketra in your home or office. 


To learn the science behind how Ketra mimics natural light