Voice Control Offers Unprecedented Convenience

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By Mitchell Foster

Voice Control in your Home

Greenwich, CT – Voice control in your home offers the highest level of convenience.  While many of you are likely familiar with Alexa from Amazon and Google Home you may not have heard of Josh.ai before. There are a few things that separate Josh from Alexa and Google Assistant, most notably is Josh.ai enhanced privacy. Josh.ai doesn’t sell any of your information to anyone for any marketing or other purposes.

An added level of convenience is what Josh.ai refers to as “compound commands”. Instead of giving individual commands for multiple tasks, you can turn those into one command. For instance, “Josh lower the shades, turn on the lights, and turn on music”, and just like that all of those tasks have been completed. Similar to how Crestron keypads have scenes, you can set scenes to do all of those commands and save some breath by creating a scene named “Josh prepare for guests.” Setting scenes with the Josh app is so easy that many homeowners will be able to do it themselves. To set a scene, you can simply talk to the app to list every task that needs to be achieved and give it a name. 

Josh.ai & Crestron Home Integration

Josh.ai can now control Audio & Video with Crestron Home. You can simply say “Okay Josh play friends” and Josh determines which streaming service it needs to play video, how to route content to the room you’re in, and completes the request. It’s smart enough to recognize where you are at the time of request and then what TV you are referring to based on where you are standing.

Josh Micro Bathroom DOF

Josh.ai & Lutron

Lutron & Josh.ai have recently announced their new product collaboration for the Palladiom/See Touch and Josh keypad. This will take away the stress of finding the right spot to place the Josh Nano microphone. The Lutron controls and the Josh controls will have a uniform look and will save the designer loads of stress by combining all the technology into one spot on the wall. 

Josh ai Lutron Wallplate

As always you can email us @ info@davcoinc.com or give us a call at (203) 838-5887 to get Josh.ai incorporated in your home!