Home Automation For Luxury Homes

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By Mitchell Foster

What Can a Smart Home Do For You?

Rye, NY – A fully automated and connected home or “smart home” provides homeowners a world of enjoyment, convenience, and security.  Connecting your lighting, shades, audio, video, and security provides homeowners a luxurious experience in their home that’s rewarding every day. Utilizing an operating system such as Crestron Home allows you to have a comprehensive system that can be easily managed through touch screens mounted on the wall, keypads, or by simply using your smartphone.

Elements of a Fully Connected Smart Home

  • Lighting Control- Automated lighting control helps rooms look their best while improving the comfort and enjoyment of occupants. “Scenes” offers the ability to tailor scenes for entertaining, relaxation, or productivity. Pairing with Automated Shades helps create your ideal scene.
  • Shade Control- Shade solutions can help provide your home with light control, reduce the fading of furniture and flooring, and help limit your HVAC unit’s run time.
  • Security- When your surveillance is tied with Crestron Home you’re able to ensure your home is secure when you’re out of the house. Having security cameras set up in your home can help alleviate stress when traveling and with Crestron Home, you can have eyes on your home no matter where you are.
  • Audio- A connected audio system can allow you to control the audio in every room in your home. When hosting a party this can be an attractive quality as you can play the same music throughout and have the music selection right from your smartphone.
  • HVAC Controls- With your home filled with smart devices it’s important to not forget about your thermostats.  Smart Thermostats make scheduling your interior’s temperature and humidity easier to ensure optimal comfort.
  • Video- Does home entertainment get any better than a Home Theater? While Theaters are such fun, watching TV today is no longer just a TV in your living room. With advancements in Mirror TVs, Outdoor TVs, and waterproof TVs almost any place you want a TV you can now get it. The best part is that they no longer even have to look like TVs. There are numerous ways to disguise your TV as art, a mirror, and more!
  • Outdoors- Exterior lighting can extend your time of enjoyment in your outside space. Adding outdoor audio that blends into your landscaping gives you permanent entertaining options for hosting parties without drawing attention to the audio system. 
  • Network- With all of these benefits that a smart home has you need to make sure that they can all work properly. With everything communicating wirelessly these days you need to make sure you have proper Wi-Fi coverage to ensure that the amenities that you’re paying for are working like they’re supposed to.

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