Blending TVs Into Design

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By Mitchell Foster

Different Ways To Disguise Your TV

Hiding TVs In Plain Sight

Fairfield County, CT – Incorporating technology into architectural and interior design plans is key to ensuring that you are going to have the most technologically optimized home while not having it be an afterthought. When technology is taken into consideration during the early stages of design, the possibilities are going to be expansive. Getting into discussions early on in the process allows DAVCO (integrator) to present more options for you and your interior designer to consider. 

A common complaint we hear regarding TVs, specifically when they’re not in use, is that they don’t bring anything to the design of the room. While having the flexibility to watch TVs in multiple rooms is convenient, not every room’s décor works with having a television in it. That’s why we like to provide multiple solutions that can alleviate these issues.

Motorized TV Lifts

A great way to conceal your television is to utilize a motorized lift for your TV or a piece of art that can cover your TV (as you see in the photos above). These are great solutions to ensure that the décor of the room stays intact while still providing you with all of the technological benefits you want. In formal rooms where you want to keep intact the integrity of the design intact while hosting, these can be a great solution.

"The Frame" TV

The Art Frame TV is a versatile solution that allows you to have a TV in areas where you may not typically place a TV, without disrupting the design of the room. As you see in the photo above, this client wanted a TV in their kitchen and the Art Frame TV was able to perfectly blend into the décor of the room. 

The Mirror TV

The Mirror TV can fit many different styles of design. A key area where you might not anticipate putting a TV is in the bathroom. A mirror is going to be needed there anyway so this provides you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a Mirror TV. Séura Mirror TVs are customizable in size, allowing you to fit them in any place desired.  

Which Option is Best?

The answer largely is going to depend on the state of your room but also your needs and wants. If you’re building a new home or performing considerable renovations to an existing room then it’s more feasible to incorporate a motorized lift. This can really wow your guests when you press a button and all of a sudden your TV comes out of your cabinet or from behind a piece of art.

If you’re just updating your TV or living room then an Art Frame or Mirror TV could be the right product. At the end of the day, it’s up to your personal preference and whichever product fits the design better. They’re both versatile solutions that offer more to the design of the room than just a standard television.

Flexibility is key and that’s exactly what you get when you work with an integration firm like Davco.

Hiding TVs has become a very popular trend and we’re very excited to be a part of it. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article about the popular TV practice.

For any of the options above, Davco is here is help integrate all of your technology needs. As always you can email us @ or give us a call at (203) 838-5887 for help with hiding your TVs.