Distributed AV Systems

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By Mitchell Foster

Advantages of Distributed AV Systems

Darien, CT – To begin, let’s discuss the difference between a local AV (audio & video) system and a distributed or centralized AV system. A local AV system occurs when all of the equipment for audio and video is right in the room where you’re enjoying it. For video that could be your cable box or apple tv being in the same room as the TV. An audio system could consist of all of the speakers, amplifiers, streamers, etc. all being in the room. In a local AV system an AVR (audio & video receiver) can be used to tie your local audio and video into a standalone system. 

On the audio side of distributed AV, speakers and subwoofers are the only pieces of equipment that need to be in the room. Everything that isn’t producing sound can live in a rack typically located in a mechanical room, basement, or closet. Distributed audio allows you to have complete control over the music in your home, typically through your smartphone or touchpads on the wall. For video, the cable boxes, Apple TV’s, Roku’s, etc. also live in the rack and get distributed to the appropriate TV.

Why Should You Install A Distributed AV System?

There are many benefits to a distributed AV system. In a distributed AV system, rack-mounted amplifiers, preamps, cable boxes, Apple TVs, music streamers, and more can often be placed in a rack as you see above. It will be easier to work on the equipment if you’re troubleshooting an issue with the majority of the equipment all in one room, rather than having it spread throughout your home.  

It enables users to have complete control over the whole house audio to be set to play together or have individual room control. When hosting a party you can ensure your whole audio system is playing the same playlist. With a product like Crestron’s DM-NAX, you’re able to select audio from any output source to any input source. When paired with DM-NVX for video distribution you can send audio from the TV in the family room to any speaker in the house! While products like DM-NAX can work as a standalone audio distribution system, their convenience and “power” is amplified when paired into Crestron Home, Crestron’s fully integrated home automation system. 

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