Design-Build Process

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By Mitchell Foster

Design-Build Process

Design-Build Process

Greenwich, CT – As a smart home automation integrator focused on the design-build process, Davco works hand in hand with architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners to design the perfect home automation system for our client’s needs and wants.  We conduct a 5 step process consisting of discovery, design, documentation, installation, and service to ensure every project is completed in a timely and efficient manner. 

Architectural planning


Prior to designing a home automation system we first meet with our clients to understand the needs and wants they have from an automation system. Educating customers on what is possible from a home automation system is a key component at this time period as often homeowners aren’t aware of everything that is possible with a home automation system.


Once we understand our client’s wants and needs, we go through all of the architectural blueprints to begin to design a system that’ll best suit their home and lifestyle. We create a custom proposal with the best products and systems available.


Once the contract is signed we mark up plans for lighting control, network, and AV to ensure that all of the hardware is going to be pre-wired correctly and efficiently. We begin to produce wire charts to ensure that the system is going to be as easy to service as possible with no questions about what wire is connected to what device. This portion of the project is ongoing, we are continuously documenting the system to ensure that the wire charts matches exactly how the system is installed as often changes are made during the project.


 The installation process of our systems varies from project to project as each system is a custom-designed system to suit our clients. These projects can last anywhere from 6 months to multiple years depending on the construction process. As the installation progresses our documentation is constantly being updated in case there are changes made as the project progresses.


Our job is not finished once their system is fully installed and programmed. Davco only works with manufacturers that provide warranties that we can stand behind so we’re confident our client is going to enjoy their system for a long time. We service our systems for the life of their existence in a home. We support our clients to make sure that their system is working efficiently and effectively. 

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