D a v C o n n e c t 

The ultimate in personalized service for your Smart Home

Client satisfaction and system dependability are the foundation of our business plan at Davco. Providing fun, long-lasting and reliable home systems is our goal, and to achieve it we offer DavConnect, the ultimate experience in personalized service for your Smart Home.

DavConnect Essentials includes:

  • Remote Support: A guaranteed reply within 24 hours of a reported issue during normal business hours. We will log into your system from our Operations Center to diagnose and attempt to resolve the issue, without an on-site visit.  We take the severity of the issue into consideration.

DavConnect Premiere allows us to be notified of your regular maintenance needs, such as rebooting devices, software updates, power management, and configuration changes in your home.  With this capability, we can often prevent technological issues that typically require a service call and create inconvenience and inefficiency in your home. Services include all Essentials plus:

  • Extended Remote Support: A guaranteed reply and remote diagnosis within 2 Hours of a reported issue from 7AM – 7PM. Outside of these hours we will respond and attempt to diagnose and/or resolve the issue within 12 Hours.  We take the severity of the issue into consideration.
  • Network Monitoring: Your home network and the devices connected to it are the backbone of your Smart Home. Network Monitoring diagnoses problems automatically and alerts our Operations Center before a failed device becomes a major problem.
  • Notifications: New product updates, service announcements and other valuable information.
  • Scheduled maintenance: Once per year in-home system check of all equipment. We will perform any necessary firmware updates on your equipment, as well as ensure equipment racks are free of potentially damaging dust and debris build-up. This saves you time energy and money.
  • * Our DavConnect customers have saved an average of $1200/year and immeasurable amounts of time and inconvenience!

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