Client satisfaction and system dependability are the foundation of our business plan at Davco. Providing fun, long-lasting and reliable home systems is our goal, and to achieve it we offer DavConnect, the ultimate experience in personalized service for your Smart Home.

Remote support, network monitoring, product notifications, and scheduled maintenance help keep your system healthy and current. Our DavConnect customers have saved an average of $1500/year, but what customers really appreciate is the times they have

avoided the inconvenience of the inevitable issues that seem to always occur at the worst time.

One memorable example is when we received an alert from a client’s system at 4am, the day of their holiday party. Some issues can be fixed remotely, but as luck would have it, this situation required a 2-person, 5-hour service call. Because of the advance notice of the issue, we were able to get the system back on track before the party!