Custom Electronics Services in Westchester, NY

Custom Electronics Services in Westchester, NY

In addition to serving our Connecticut clients, we also server a number of areas throughout New York, including Westchester County. Here at DAVCO, our employees are capable of enhancing just about any type of interior/exterior technology environment through the integration of custom electronics of the highest quality. No matter what you’re looking for, we will be able to tailor our systems to meet your needs and wants.

Westchester New York Home Electronics Services


When it comes to your home, different rooms have different purposes. Therefore, the installation of the audio/video system should vary depending on the type and purpose of room. For example, if you want to have a television installed in your kitchen, the TV used should be suitable for this type of application.  If you’re the type of person who’s listening to music all day long in your home, you should consider having multiple music sources installed in your home. Many homeowners don’t realize it, but the possibilities are nearly infinite due to the great leaps in technology that have been made in the past few years.

Home Theater Design & Installation

Chances are you’ve always dreamed of having a home theater. Not only will a quality home theater add to the appeal of your home, but it will also entertain your family and friends for many years, if not decades, to come. If you have a home theater already, it may consist of just a simple panel TV and surround sound speakers. However, we can completely transform this space with high-performance equipment, custom lighting and comfy seating that will suit your style!

Lighting Control

Lighting is a factor that is essential yet sometimes overlooked. Fortunately, we can install Lutron lighting systems that will enhance the lighting of your home substantially. This system will adjust the lighting for both daily events and special occasions. For example, there are different lighting settings for waking up, breakfast, bedtime, exercise, and even homework. As for special occasions, you will be able to change the lighting settings to suit holidays, movie nights, dinner parties, and even pool parties. Despite the many functions of the Lutron lighting system, this system will also increase the energy efficiency of your home and improve security by making your home look like it’s occupied when you’re away. These systems can even adjust the lighting settings to illuminate your house for rescue officials in the event of an emergency.

Home Automation

Our home automation systems will make life safer and more convenient for you. For example, you have the option of having your home programmed so that the lights turn on as soon as you pull into the driveway. A single button can prepare your home’s movie equipment, lighting, and shades for movie night. You can even have a “Vacation” mode programmed for your home so you can control and monitor your household remotely.

Motorized Shade Control

Motorized shade control is a convenient feature especially for homes with  a significant number of shades, specifically, where those shades can be difficult to access. It can also maximize the security and energy efficiency of your home.

Home Networking

Our networking systems will ensure your WiFi and Internet needs are met on a regular basis. We can enhance network infrastructure to ensure stronger connection, higher bandwidths, and higher speeds.

Outdoor AV Systems

It is even possible to bring home automation systems to your backyard or front yard without even seeing them. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the many comforts of your home (outdoor TVs, sounds system, and lighting control) even while you’re outside on a sunny day.

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