Crestron Horizontal Sheers

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By Mitchell Foster

Cheer For Sheers

Pound Ridge, NY – Crestron Horizontal Sheers are an exciting shading solution that features horizontal fabric vanes floating between two layers of sheer, knitted fabric. This allows the fabric vanes (the material between the two sheers) to open and close to control the amount of sunlight allowed through the sheers, allowing for control over privacy and natural light.

Horizontal sheers offer an elegant and attractive window shading solution for controlling natural lighting and providing privacy.

Versatile Sheers

Crestron Horizontal Sheers add beauty, convenience, and comfort to any interior space. They’re a great option for those that want a fabric shade with the flexibility to provide privacy, light filtration, or a full uninterrupted view out of the window.

Available in 36 different light filtering and room darkening fabrics. The large 2.5″ vanes provide approximately 1.25″ view through when the vanes are tilted open. These horizontal sheers can be programmed to open, close, tilt or go to a preset level by Crestron keypads, touchscreens, and remotes. Like all motorized Crestron shades before them, the horizontal sheers motorized operation performs silently. 

master photo A cs shade roller hsheer
Crestron Horizontal Sheers in the down position with Vanes open to allow light.

The motorized sheers can be hardwired or plugged into nearby outlets, allowing them to easily work in a retrofit scenario. They can be installed within the window jamb or outside the jamb, mounting to the window casing, wall, or ceiling surface. 

They also come in a manually-operated option with a beaded pull chain at a lower cost.  A convenient feature for customers of any Crestron shades is that at any time you can upgrade from manual shades to automated shades by simply installing the motor. There is no need to change any hardware out or change your fabric choice.

Available in custom sizes up to 8 x 8 feet allow these sheers to fit most windows or doors.

If you’re interested in looking at fabric options, as always you can email us @ or give us a call at (203) 838-5887. 

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