Connecticut Home Theater Systems & Design

Connecticut Home Theater Systems & Design

A reason for turning a room into a small scale home theater complex is rather simple: Many would rather spend time being entertained in their own home than deal with the sticky floors, talking audience members, and the hassles commonly associated with a movie going experience.

Unfortunately, many people do not know where to begin when it comes to turning their space into a full fledged entertainment and home theater space. We can walk you through the process if you plan on making your room the entertainment destination in your Connecticut household.

Choosing The Right Home Theater TV or Screen

Choosing the right home theater television or screen (for the many who opt for a projector) is at the top of many lists, with the tv/screen being the epicenter of where the entertainment is coming from. Many opt for a projector since it can display the largest screen and turn any area into a movie going experience.

Choosing The Right Speaker & Audio System For Your Home Theater

Choosing the correct speaker system is just as important as the screen you watch it from. Many people go to theaters for the rich audio quality that can’t always be found coming from a television speaker. From police sirens in the background to rain crashing onto objects in the foreground, the audio is too important when it comes telling a story to use a typical sound system.

Since sound is coming from all directions, the right set of speakers are necessary to carry a true home theater experience to your Connecticut home. Most sets come in multiple pieces, with the main piece being the subwoofer that brings all the bass, blasts, and explosions to life. If one is looking for a detailed home theater experience, surround sound may be the best option as it puts one in the center of all the audio action.

Choosing The Right Home Theater Blu-Ray Player

Blu-ray discs have changed the landscape in terms of home entertainment. The reason for this is due to Blu-ray disc’s capability of showing high definition video with full resolution audio. In addition to this, Blu-ray discs are capable of carrying much more content than the average DVD disc. This way the consumer can fully enjoy a film from cover art to the behind the scenes production of their favorite movie (in addition to the film itself).

Connecticut Home Theater Specialists

Interested in hiring a Connecticut Home Theater expert? DAVCO is your solution! Based in Norwalk, CT, we’ve been providing expert Home Theater Designs in Connecticut since 1986. We have a number of certified installers and years of experience in home theaters to back our expertise – call today!