Connecticut Home Automation Systems

Connecticut Home Automation

Home automation is the new thing — and it can be particularly useful during those harsh Connecticut winters.

Why Home Automation?

With a modern home automation system for your Connecticut home, you can program your home to “wake up” when you (and only you) pull into your driveway — turning on lights, turning off alarms, opening the garage door, starting your music, and anything else you might want your home to do. Program your home to adjust lighting and curtains for your mood, whether it’s movie night, date night in, or a kids’ party. Or have the climate control and security systems move into “vacation” mode when you will be away for a while.

If you are worried about burglars, you can use smart home systems to monitor your home from anywhere on the planet — or just to see what your cat really gets up to while you are away. Smart climate control systems can go into energy-saving mode when you leave for a few days, adjust for the day-to-night cycle and otherwise ensure a warm home in the winter and a cool one in the summer with minimal effort from you and lower energy bills. Left the front door unlocked or the lights on? Fix the problem from your phone or office, without needing to panic or drive back home. If this all seems overwhelming, we offer training for every member of your family in how to use the system quickly and efficiently, from multiple devices.

Our Home Automation Systems

Our home automation systems are designed for your unique lifestyle. Control devices can be individualized for each user, designed with interfaces each person finds intuitive, or, for example, locking out certain features from your children. Lighting, shades and climate can be preprogrammed to multiple settings, each one designed for you — or for a different member of your household. And of course, we take into account the particular challenges faced by Connecticut’s climate — with winter temperatures that dip below freezing, considerable amounts of snow in the northwest, and pleasant 70-degree summers. For example, we can program your shades to move through the day to allow maximum sunlight in winter — saving on your heating bills significantly. When we finish designing your home automation system, we keep all of the details, so when you want to upgrade or expand, we have everything right there to make it as easy as possible.

Connecticut Home Automation Company

You will never know how you lived without it. We’ve been doing this since 1986, so we know exactly what we’re doing and how to make your home truly special through a completely custom home automation system – call today!