Building A Comprehensive Home Network

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By Mitchell Foster

Comprehensive Home Networks

New Canaan, CT – A comprehensive home network consists of an extensive wired and wireless network (Wi-Fi). An extensive wired network compliments your Wi-fi by limiting the number of devices that are competing for that precious bandwidth from your Wi-Fi. The more devices that are hardwired the better off your Wi-Fi will perform.

Wired connections are just as important as Wi-Fi

When building a new home no one second-guesses when the electrician runs wire to every room for lights and outlets. The same thought process can be applied when wiring a home for a network system. Every room that you know is going to have a tv, computer, or any other stationary item that relies on the internet should have a dedicated cat 5/6 ethernet run.

Not only does having more devices on the wired network alleviate stress from the Wi-Fi but it also provides a faster connection for your devices. While Wi-Fi speeds have improved drastically over the last 5-10 years, a wired connection will always be the fastest connection to the internet. So for any home office or area that you plan to work from it’s important to have data ports nearby so you can hook up any necessary devices. 

Creating a strong wireless network

Similar to the wired network, a wireless network needs to be carefully thought out. Wireless Access Points (wap’s) provide the Wi-Fi signal that allows your phone, laptop, and any other devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. While the name of the product is wireless access point they are actually a wired device, the wireless part is in relation to the signal they provide. Proper planning is the best way to ensure a new build or renovation is going to have sufficient internet coverage. While wires can be run after the sheetrock is installed it’s an easier process to do while the walls are still open. 

It’s important to note that an access point provides Wi-Fi coverage to roughly 850-1,000 sq ft. If you have a home that’s 4,000 sq ft then you should have 4-5 interior access points to properly cover the home. If you have an outdoor area like a patio or pool where you want sufficient coverage then exterior access points can be installed so that great wi-fi coverage inside your home can get extended to your exterior space.

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