Connecticut Home Theaters

Connecticut Home Theaters Are you are intrigued by the art of integrating a home theater in your Connecticut home? In today’s fast-paced world, where entertainment options are abundant and relaxation is a luxury, creating a haven within the confines of your home has become a priority for many. Home theaters have emerged as the quintessential […]

Springtime Tips

Coastal Source 2 Way Ellipse Bollard LED Tiki

Warmer weather is coming, so now is the time to test your outdoor entertainment systems. Fire up the speakers, test the television and check the Wi-Fi. Chances are you’ll find no problems, but better to find out now than just before a party. Speaking of outdoor televisions, for the safety of your family and your […]

Crestron Control

Crestron control

Harmoniously Syncing Homes With Crestron! For Homeowners with multiple residences, this Crestron video demonstrates the sophistication and simplicity a Creston system can add to your lifestyle.  You can now have all your properties linked seamlessly. No longer worry about what temperature your other residence may be, control it effortlessly with a Crestron system. Alleviate all […]

Crestron Remotes

Crestron Remote

Crestron Remotes Bring “Epic Functionality” To Smart Homes The Challenge:Have you ever been watching TV in the dark, tried to press the “light” button on your remote (so you can see the buttons to adjust volume, channels, etc.) and accidentally hit the “off” button instead? The Solution:Our previous remote was great, but my wife […]

Tunable Lighting

tunable light

What is tunable lighting and why is it important? With tunable lights, the  “color” of white light can be changed from warm to neutral to cool. The ability to replicate the bright cool light of daylight or the warm light of the evening can be used to facilitate a healthy lifestyle. A U.S. Department of Energy paper  […]

May 2020

Greg newsletter

Dear Friends of Davco, We share your concerns about COVID-19.  For the health and safety of our clients, colleagues, and employees, we are following the recommended precautions regarding social distancing. We have also increased our cleaning and sanitizing routines on our job sites and in our office, shop, and vans.For those of you with scheduled meetings, installations, […]