Wi-Fi Network Importance

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Is Anything More Important Than Wi-Fi? New Canaan, CT – Is anything more important in your home than a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection? In 2022, connection to the internet is vital to the way we operate as humans. Whether it’s for zoom meetings, streaming movies, lighting control, or keeping your home security system connected, […]

Design-Build Process

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Design-Build Process Design-Build Process Greenwich, CT – As a smart home automation integrator focused on the design-build process, Davco works hand in hand with architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners to design the perfect home automation system for our client’s needs and wants.  We conduct a 5 step process consisting of discovery, design, documentation, installation, […]

Building A Comprehensive Home Network

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Comprehensive Home Networks New Canaan, CT – A comprehensive home network consists of an extensive wired and wireless network (Wi-Fi). An extensive wired network compliments your Wi-fi by limiting the number of devices that are competing for that precious bandwidth from your Wi-Fi. The more devices that are hardwired the better off your Wi-Fi will […]

How Wi-Fi 6 Improves Your Network

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Wi-Fi 6 Is Here & Brings Increased Reliability! Westchester County, NY- The new standard of Wi-Fi is available, but what changes will be made? Is it going to be faster? More reliable? Can you stream with more devices simultaneously? Yes, yes, and yes. While Wi-Fi 6 will offer higher speeds, the reliable and stable connection […]

Get The Most From Your Wi-Fi

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Get The Most From Your Wi-Fi Meeting Your Bandwidth Needs Darien, CT – The pandemic certainly shook up the way we work and live. Now more than ever we are working from home and our children are splitting their time learning at school and at home. All smart devices in your home are eating up […]