Greenwich Lutron Lighting & Shade System


When our client approached us with interest in fully centralized lighting control and motorized shades for the new house they were building we immediately recommended a Homeworks QS system from Lutron. With plans to have over 30 motorized shades and over 80 keypads the Homeworks QS platform has the capability of handling both their lighting control and motorized shades needs on one system. 

Outdoor Coastal Source Audio & Lighting Project

R lake view dusk

A longstanding client of ours wanted to create an outdoor entertainment area that they could enjoy day or night. The two main features of the entertainment area are a pool on the upper level with a waterfall splash way to the lower-level patio focused around a fire pit. Our client wanted a great audio system to entertain guests and lighting that served not only to assist in getting around the area but to also feature landscaping and the new hardscape.