Crestron Upgrade




Crestron has a new upgrade program, which offers a cost effective way to add the latest features to your Crestron system. Call us for more information!   

Oasis Patio Shades





DAVCO recently became dealers for Oasis Patio Shades. These high quality shades integrate with Lutron control systems and can make your outdoor entertaining even more comfortable.

Insolroll Window Shading Systems is proud to introduce Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron, bringing best-in-class automated patio shades to the luxury home market. These high-end patio shades bring advanced control to outdoor spaces by controlling heat, UV rays and glare, as well as eliminating pesky insects. Until now, an outdoor shading system capable of integrating with Lutron’s HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 lighting control systems did not exist.








For more details, click here for the press release and catalog.


How Does Lighting Affect Your Home?

Lighting drastically changes the look and feel of a room.  And while the style of your decorative sconce or chandelier will influence the decor of your room, the quality, color, and direction of your light can dramatically affect the ambiance and focal points. Just check out the artwork in these before and afters…















We have been learning more about the goals, essential components, and benefits of a well designed lighting plan. And what we found is that fixtures matter. The light from a quality fixture can add vibrancy to colors and paintings. Adjustments can be made to ensure that your room has appropriate lighting & shading, as well as optimal light color & intensity. We can also plan for integration with your current lighting system.

The end result? Rooms with perfect levels of ambient light and accent lighting on important details. 

If you are renovating a space in your home, we would love to show you Lutron’s dimmable LED fixtures and controls!

Outdoor TV News and Promotion!!!



 May not feel like it now, but warm weather is certainly coming our way.  To celebrate the coming of Spring, Séura is announcing its annual outdoor TV promotion.  An outdoor TV is an easy way to liven up your patio or outdoor bar area, and add some nice entertainment features to your pool house and surrounding area.  What better way to enjoy a summer pool party with the Sunday game rolling in the background. Or watch your favorite movie under the stars.

How does a Séura outdoor TV differ from that Sony hanging in your great room? Great question! Séura TVs are specially designed to handle the tough conditions of the outdoors. These units are completely weatherproof to ensure proper functioning even when left out all year long.  This includes insulation to protect the internal components and connections from cold temperatures, snow or sleet, insects and other loose debris.  Additionally, Séura TVs are made to handle the extra brightness from the sun, for a clearer picture.

Controlling your home via an integrated system, like Crestron or Savant?  No worries! Séura TVs are designed for home control, meaning operating your outdoor TV is no different than your favorite viewing location in your home. 

(Click on photos for outdoor TVs in action.)

Séura’s current promotions  make an outdoor TV an easy addition to your space.  Give us a call and we would be more than happy to make a visit and talk more about your needs.

$200 off Séura Storm Outdoor TV sizes: 55” and 65.” Offer good until June 30, 2017. 
here for promotion details.

$1000 off the 84” Storm and Storm Ultra Bright through July 31st.
Click here
 for promotion details.

Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting

In April, we had the opportunity to attend a  training event  that was considerably different and more exciting than our typical – sit in a classroom behind our laptops learning about the new software changes and product updates.  This was an outdoor experience that included impressive outdoor audio equipment demonstrations by day and gorgeous lighting techniques by night.  It was a real hands-on training and we learned so much about how a couple of 3-watt energy efficient LED lamps can illuminate impressive size trees, sculptures, facades or other exterior features and spaces.  Coastal Source products are built to withstand the elements and if you give us the opportunity to put one of their fixtures in your hands or better yet demo them for you, I’m confident you will be as impressed as we are.



Lip lights for accent lighting on outdoor bars, patio features or pools.







Bullet lights create a cascading effect on a group of Evergreens.  A nice way to accent natural foliage or architectural features.



Are you getting the internet speeds you are paying for?

 Is your WiFi intermittent, slow or inconsistent?



Have you called your internet service provider (Optimum, Verizon, Frontier, Comcast…) to upgrade your internet package? Has your bill increased, without noticeable improvements? Well, you’re in luck! Davco can help!




To test your Wi-Fi speed on your wireless device, click our  Speedtest link*. 

Click on “Begin Test” (and make sure your WiFi is on)
to be sure you are getting every bit that you are paying for! 
*If you click on this link on your phone,
it will take you to the Speedtest app. 

 Don’t settle for low speed Wi-Fi.
 Call us for a free consultation!

              Before                                After



Why Home Automation For Your Connecticut Home?

Why Home Automation For Your Connecticut Home?

Although it is becoming more popular each day, some people are still not sure what home automation is, let alone if it’s something that they could benefit from. Simply put, home automation allows homeowners to easily manage various aspects of their home including lighting, window shades, speakers, HVAC or security systems. Homeowners can utilize in-home control devices such as touch panels or remote devices such as smart phones.

How Home Automation Works

Home Automation is the integration of your home’s devices into one seamless network so that they can be controlled easily. You might have heard about “The Internet of Things.” Certain gadgets that are capable of this technology, like your thermostats, locks, lighting, shades and more can all be controlled through home automation technology without having to do it manually, as many of us still do.

Connecticut homeowners will be able to control the items plugged into this network from one central command center, which could be an app on your phone, a program on your computer or a special panel in your home (or all of them together). This means you program how and when you want your electronic devices, appliances, lighting, gadgets, etc to respond.

The continued improvements of this technology are dictating the way new homes are built and many homes are being upgraded.

The Advantages Home Automation Technology

This is usually the number one issue for people these days. Having the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe when you leave or when you are there is crucial. With home automation you can set your lights to turn on and off, shades to raise and lower as well as music to play, giving your home the appearance of someone being at the residence.

When at home, you can monitor what is going on around the premises and control your door locks, without having to budge.       

Cost Effective
Our systems allow you to save on your heating and cooling bills because with shade control, you can block out harmful UV rays in the summer as well as maintain a comfortable heating temperature during the winter months.   

Easy Operation
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to use home automation technology, we customize our design to your requirements and needs. We help you simplify by consolidating all of your technology and devices into one convenient program.

Not only does home automation provide security, efficiency and savings, but embracing such technology can enhance the look and feel of your home. You won’t find any unsightly wires emerging from behind your walls and devices – home automation runs on wireless technology so it not only works well but looks great too!

About Davco Custom Integration Home Automation Services

We are one of the premiere Home Automation companies in Connecticut providing home automation installation and smart home services to the Connecticut area and parts of NY. We specialize in installing home theaters, audio/video, automation for lighting, shade control and more.

To learn more about our services please call us (203) 838-5887. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your inquiries. 

Why Upgrade Your Home To A Smart Home

Why Upgrade Your Home To A Smart Home

You undoubtedly know what a smart phone is, but do you know what a smart home is? As this term, and technology grows, in the near future you will likely hear more and more about this innovative type of home and all its benefits. In many ways it follows similar concepts that smart phones do, and it has the potential to transform a homeowner’s life. Here’s why.

What Is a Smart Home?

The term “smart home” gives many clues as to what this type of home is. It is a dwelling that includes various technologies and equipment that can communicate with each other and that the homeowner can control even when away from home through a time schedule or through remote technology, via phone or Internet.

A wide range of equipment and technology can be included in a smart home, and this includes lighting, heating, air conditioning, computers, televisions, audio and video systems for entertainment, security systems, and camera systems. This type of capability would have been considered futuristic not too many years ago, yet the future is now, as these capabilities are here and ready to be accessed.

Compelling Reasons to Consider a Smart Home

Many high-level advantages result from converting a residence to a smart home. The products associated with smart homes bring more convenience to the homeowner’s life as well as savings of time, money, and energy. These homes also offer added comfort, security, and energy efficiency around the clock, whether residents of the dwelling are at home or not. They do all this with the added convenience of being able to be controlled remotely.

Because of how they operate and what they do, smart homes also offer benefits from an environmental standpoint in terms of energy savings and good stewardship of the planet’s resources.

Converting to a Smart Home

Perhaps in the future more residences will be built as smart homes, but up until now they have typically not been. That means if a homeowner would like to have a smart home, it is necessary to retrofit an already-built home with smart technology. So it is necessary to find a hire a qualified company that is able to complete work like this. Doing all of that is completely possible, which makes smart homes a possibility for many homeowners.

Convert Your Home Into A Smart Home With DAVCO

DAVCO enhances homes and businesses through the seamless integration of the highest in quality custom electronics, including smart home technology. Our company designs, installs, and maintains systems that are customized based on the homeowner’s lifestyle. If you are interested in reaping the many benefits that come with having a smart home, contact DAVCO Custom Integration at (203) 838-5887.