Tunable Lighting

What is tunable lighting and why is it important?

With tunable lights, the “color” of white light can be changed from warm to neutral to cool. The ability to replicate the bright cool light of daylight or the warm light of the evening can be used to facilitate a healthy lifestyle. A U.S. Department of Energy paper  suggests that tunable lighting may even have health benefits, such as influencing our biological clocks or helping students focus in the classroom.

In addition to potential health benefits, designers will appreciate that tunable lighting gives them so many more options for changing the ambiance of a room.

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  “These lights are like a mood ring for your room”  Honeybrains Cafe in NY                                                                                                                                             “Art Made Brilliant with Light” Ketra Lighting
   Interior Designer Spotlight with Young Huh 
   American Society of Interior Design case study at the new headquarters in DC.
   Human Centric Lighting Roundtable discussion hosted by Lutron

Winter is Coming …

Fall is my favorite season and I don’t want to see it end, but we all know “winter is coming.” In the Northeast, we are susceptible to harsh storms and it can be challenging to protect our homes and our home electronics. 

Most consumer-grade surge protectors are designed to protect against electrical surges only and are often good for only one shot. Electronic equipment can also be damaged by lightning or power surges from many different pathways including: cable TV lines, telephone lines, computer network feeds, inter-building wiring, pool controllers, landscape speakers, outdoor lighting, or any device installed outside.

The best way to minimize the risk of electrical damage is to find the pathways that lead to your electronics and protect each of those pathways. Click here  to see an illustration of potential areas for power issues. Any cable plugged into your equipment can be a pathway, which is why cellular phones and tablets aren’t damaged by electrical surges and lightning strikes (unless they are plugged into their chargers).

Unfortunately, many of our customers have been affected by storm damage. After recovering from the devastation, they often request a heavy duty protection system (click for a sample design) from Transient Protection Design. While there are no guarantees against acts of nature, installing a high-quality system can help prevent some of the inconvenience.

Séura Innovation

Technology brings a myriad of opportunities to our homes and our Séura rep, Kevin, recently stopped by to show us an innovative opportunity.
Kevin gave us a demonstration of the Séura Smart Mirror and it really is the ultimate in smart home sophistication.

Séura Smart Mirror
(Click the mirror for a demonstration.)

Close up of Command Central
Imagine being able to access and interact with all this information: 
weather, email, today’s schedule, calendar, music, maps, shopping, 
social media, smart home control and more.
While this is a definite time saver for your morning routine, we can also envision this mirror in your kitchen or office.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall….
     Who has RSVP’d for the birthday party? 
     What’s the best route to the game tonight?
     Where is the best apple-picking this weekend?

What would you ask your mirror?

If You Build It, They Will Come: 4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

How can you bring the luxury and convenience of your home technology to your outdoor entertaining space? Here are a few features that will add some bass, video, light and comfort to your favorite outdoor hangout. These elements can also be integrated into your existing control system.

1. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor patios, spas and pools are great ways to enjoy your property. 
Unfortunately, we only get so much sunlight in a day and once the sun sets, we need to rely on outdoor light fixtures to keep the party going past sundown. This includes path lighting and step lighting to keep you and your guests safe as they move about, as well as wash lights and bullet lights to highlight all the fun features in your yard. Quality landscape fixtures  are designed to withstand wear and tear from weather and they come with extensive warranties so your investment will last for years.

2. Landscape Audio

Whether you are enjoying a favorite artist or playing some house music for a party, getting those tunes outside really adds to the atmosphere. Strategically placed landscape speakers can provide outdoor zones for dance parties, movie nights, peaceful areas for conversation – whatever suits your lifestyle! 

3. Outdoor TVs

Having it all means never having to choose between watching the game and enjoying the pool. Outdoor TVs are rated for exposure to all the elements, without having to be removed and re-installed every year. That means this TV can stand up to rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperature differences. 

4. Outdoor Shades

Roller shades for the patio may seem over the top, but outdoor shades can drastically reduce the sun’s UV light so that you and your guests can enjoy a comfortable, cooler spot on the patio. These shades also have a retractable insect screen to thwart unwanted guests that can ruin your next soirée. Additionally, reducing the glare of the sun makes for a perfect place to read a book or watch TV without straining your eyes. Outdoor shades can easily be added to your Lutron lighting control program and they even guard against stray golf balls.

New Crestron Remotes




Crestron describes these remotes as “Epic Functionality” and we agree!

The Challenge:
Have you ever been watching TV in the dark, tried to press the “light” button on your remote (so you can see the buttons to adjust volume, channels, etc.) and accidentally hit the “off” button instead?

The Solution:
Our previous remote was great, but my wife always felt that not having a distinct, easily accessed “light” button was a design flaw.

When I saw the new Crestron remotes, I knew we had to have one.
In our house, the most appreciated new feature is the Movement Sensor. “The Accelerometer detects if the remote is picked up or moved, wakes the remote from sleep mode, and turns on the button backlight if the room is dark.”
You don’t even have to find the light button. In a dark room, as soon as you pick up the remote, the button backlight comes on!

For more details about these elegant new remotes, give us a call or click for more information: 

Handheld Remote HR-310
Touch Screen Remote TSR-310

For homeowners with multiple residences, this Crestron video demonstrates the sophistication and simplicity a Crestron system can add to your lifestyle. 

No Regerts

No Regrets   
Our goal at Davco is to design a smart home system that will enable  
you to enjoy the full technology potential of your home, for years to come.
One of our customers sent us this email and we want all
of our clients to feel the same way!










Our initial project consultations with clients include a variety of “fact-finding” questions such as:


How do you use your kitchen (cooking, entertaining, homework, bill paying, etc.)? Let’s discuss how to best light your kitchen for those activities.

Where do you think lighting control keypads would be most convenient for you to control these lights?


There are also “big picture” questions to explore, such as:                                                                              


Do you love to cook? Lutron’s new EcoSystem Technology enables us to control individual LED fixtures, for a whole new level of customization.

Do you love to entertain? 
The new technology in lighting color can enhance the ambiance of any room.



We believe good consultation questions are a key element in the planning and communication process that leads to clients with No Regrets.

Can you help us with our No Regrets project?  
What questions do you wish someone had asked you?
What suggestions have been helpful to you in the past? 
Email me  to let us know your thoughts – all comments are appreciated!

Davco Support

We are always looking for ways to better serve our clients.

In addition to DavConnect   (our new remote service & monitoring system),

we are also rolling out a new support program:


While we are still available by phone, this will be another avenue for communication, when a phone call may not be convenient.

How does contacting Davco Support work?

If you have a question or are experiencing a problem:

  1. Email Support@Davcoinc.com and your request will be sent to the Davco team.
  2. A team member will review your question and respond.

(*DavConnect Premiere & Essential clients have advanced support options, including potential resolution without a service call!)

  1. We will schedule a service call and take care of the problem.

Looking to connect with Davco for support? Use Support@Davcoinc.com
One simple place to get the help you need.

Go Vision TV



A friend from the Lone Star State recently reminded me that “Everything is bigger in Texas.”  The GoVision TV, from Texas-based GoVision, is no exception. The same company that provided the LED screens for the last 4 presidential inaugurations, can also provide you with an outdoor “Home Stadium Experience” (that must be a Texas phrase). 



GoVision produces large outdoor TV’s, from 132″ to over 300″. The weather proof screens can be custom – designed and are perfect for outdoor entertainment areas.

Call us or click here to learn more about GoVision TV.

Lutron: Convenient Charging



I recently updated my kitchen and although the footprint hasn’t changed, it really does look completely different. My family came over during the holidays and they were very complimentary of the new look. However, I was surprised that the change that sparked the most conversation was a new dual USB receptacle (OK, now you know I’m not the only tech geek in my family). 


This Lutron 15A dual USB tamper resistant receptacle is one of those small changes that makes a big difference.  You can charge 2 devices simultaneously, without an adaptor. 

Minimalists will love the simplicity and decorators will love that it comes in a variety of colors and finishes to coordinate with your other Lutron wallplates.

Although these do need to be installed by an electrician, it only takes about 15 minutes and this receptacle can replace any outlet in your home. 


Over the past few months we have been looking at ways to better serve our clients, and I think we are on to something. Leveraging our expertise around home networks, we built DavConnect, where we can monitor and potentially resolve issues remotely.  What does this mean, exactly? Well…

With DavConnect we can:
1.  Monitor issues so we can see the health and speed of your network, 
2.  Get status updates from devices, and reboot remotely for you if they seem hung up,
3.  Update firmware on devices without having to bother you at home.
DavConnect is available in 2 plans, which you can check out below.  Important to note that an initial purchase of equipment is needed.  Feel free to ask us any questions! 

D a v C o n n e c t
 The ultimate in personalized service for your Smart Home

Client satisfaction and system dependability are the foundation of our business plan at DAVCO. Providing fun, long-lasting and reliable home systems is our goal, and to achieve it we offer DavConnect, the ultimate experience in personalized service for your Smart Home.
DavConnect Essentials includes:

  • Remote Support:  A guaranteed reply within 24 hours of a reported issue, during normal business hours. We will log into your system from our Operations Center to diagnose and attempt to resolve the issue, without an on-site visit. We take the severity of the issue into consideration.

DavConnect Premiere includes all Essentials services AND:

  • Extended Remote Support:  A guaranteed reply and remote diagnosis within 2 Hours of a reported issue from 7AM – 7PM. Outside of these hours we will respond and attempt to diagnose and/or resolve the issue within 12 Hours.  We take the severity of the issue into consideration.
  • Network Monitoring:   Your home network and the devices connected to it are the backbone of your Smart Home. Network Monitoring diagnoses problems automatically and alerts our Operations Center before a failed device becomes a major problem.
  • Notifications:  New product updates, service announcements and other valuable information.
  • Scheduled maintenance:  Once per year in-home system check of all equipment. We will perform any necessary firmware updates on your equipment, as well as ensure equipment racks are free of potentially damaging dust and debris build-up.

 DavConnect Essentials – Free with purchase of equipment
 DavConnect Premiere –  $999 per year with purchase of equipment

Call us to Connect!