Design-Build Process

Architectural planning

Design-Build Process Design-Build Process Greenwich, CT – As a smart home automation integrator focused on the design-build process, Davco works hand in hand with architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners to design the perfect home automation system for our client’s needs and wants.  We conduct a 5 step process consisting of discovery, design, documentation, installation, […]

Distributed AV Systems

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Advantages of Distributed AV Systems Darien, CT – To begin, let’s discuss the difference between a local AV (audio & video) system and a distributed or centralized AV system. A local AV system occurs when all of the equipment for audio and video is right in the room where you’re enjoying it. For video that could […]

What’s The Difference Between A Home Theater & Media Room?

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What’s The Difference Between A Home Theater & Media Room? What’s The Difference Between A Home Theater & Media Room? Darien, CT – Oftentimes people get a home theater and media room confused. While they’re both dedicated rooms for watching content, their construction is very different and one is more versatile than the other. A […]

Voice Control Offers Unprecedented Convenience

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Voice Control in your Home Greenwich, CT – Voice control in your home offers the highest level of convenience.  While many of you are likely familiar with Alexa from Amazon and Google Home you may not have heard of before. There are a few things that separate Josh from Alexa and Google Assistant, most […]

New Audio Distribution System

new home audio from crestron

New Audio System From Crestron Fairfield County, CT-  Creston has recently announced a new audio distribution system and new speakers. DM-NAX, which is a new Audio-over-IP Amplifier Distribution System, will work seamlessly with their new Residential Speakers. The new Residential Speakers are exclusively designed and manufactured for Crestron by Origin Acoustics. These new products working […]

What’s Hi-Fi Audio?

multimedia acoustic sound speaker system music con QCVDENL

No, Not Wi-Fi, Hi-Fi Greenwich, CT- What is Hi-Fi? Hi-Fi is High-Fidelity audio that closely resembles the original audio with as little distortion as possible. Using music as the obvious example, when you’re listening to music it sounds like you’re in the studio when the artist recorded the song. How do you get a Hi-Fi […]

Entertainment Furniture For Your Luxury Home

salamander av furniture picture

Salamander Designs Darien, CT – For over 20 years, Salamander Designs has been designing and manufacturing premium quality, highly customizable entertainment and technology furniture for residential and commercial spaces around the world. Salamander Designs uses the finest available luxury materials and their products are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. Specializing […]

Outdoor Audio & Video Improves Your Home’s Entertainment

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Outdoor Technology Improves Your Home’s Entertainment Outdoor Technology Improves Your Home’s Entertainment Fairfield County, CT – When the weather begins to get warmer the exterior of your house can be just as important as your interior if you design it to be so. That’s where we come in, let us incorporate solutions from our great […]

Outdoor Coastal Source Audio & Lighting Project

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A longstanding client of ours wanted to create an outdoor entertainment area that they could enjoy day or night. The two main features of the entertainment area are a pool on the upper level with a waterfall splash way to the lower-level patio focused around a fire pit. Our client wanted a great audio system to entertain guests and lighting that served not only to assist in getting around the area but to also feature landscaping and the new hardscape.