Benefits of Automated Lighting & Shades

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By Mitchell Foster

Benefits of Automated Lighting & Shade Systems

Westport, CTLighting and shade control systems can add a world of benefits to your home. While convenience might be the first you think of, there’s a bevy of other advantages for your home. Saving money and more importantly saving time are two huge reasons to consider an automated system. There is a multitude of motorized shade options from roller shades to drapery systems, there’s always a style to match the decor for your house.

Energy Savings

Did you know that as much as 50% of a home’s energy can be lost through its windows, adding up to 25% to heating bills and 75% to air conditioning bills? Shades and drapes can provide an additional level of insulation, helping to keep precious heat inside during the winter. This can really help your HVAC system by not overrunning the system.  


Automation might not sound necessary when you first think about adding shades or draperies to your home. How hard is it really to open a shade? Well, consider this, what if you want the shades on the east end of your home to be closed during mid-day when the sun is at its brightest, open for sunset to appreciate the view, and then closed again at night to help you sleep? All of a sudden you can be opening and closing your shades multiple times throughout the day. With an automated system, you can have all of your shades scheduled to open and close according to your preferences.

With Crestron shades, you can easily upgrade your manual shades to automated shades by just installing a motor, you don’t need to change the hardware or material. If you’re not sure which shades you want to be manual vs. automated that’s okay, you can change your mind after they’re installed.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, more people are looking for a touchless system. By incorporating room sensors you can have the lights in your mud room automatically turn on when you enter your home, so you can wash your hands without touching a switch.


Having a lighting system that goes beyond switches and dimmers can take your parties up a notch. With Ketra by Lutron, you can curate beautiful scenes that’ll set the appropriate mood. Pair Ketra with automated shades and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll.


To learn more about Ketra.

Increased Comfort

Scheduling your shades to slowly rise in the morning,  allowing sunlight to wake you up gradually, can be a more natural and peaceful way to wake up. Conversely, as you’re getting ready for bed, having your shades scheduled to close to limit light from your windows can help get your mind ready to rest for the night.

At mid-day when the sun is its brightest, shades can block direct sunlight that can cause a glare on your TVs, computer screens, and mobile devices. The glare is not only a hindrance to enjoyment but can also redirect the UV rays into your eyes which can be harmful.

Light filtering and blackout shades can limit the harmful UV rays that you and your home’s interior are exposed to. While everyone is concerned about their skin when they’re out in the sun, they should also be concerned about their furniture in their home. Limiting direct sunlight can protect your furniture, artwork and flooring from fading.

Full House Automation

Once you add automated lighting and shading to your home and realize the convenience it provides, you may start to wonder what else you can add to your automated system. With Crestron Home, you can control lighting and shades and so much more.

As always, you can email us @ or give us a call at (203) 838-5887 to find out how automated lighting & shades will add convenience to your home!