Advantages of Lutron Motorized Window Shades For Your Greenwich, CT Home

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By Mitchell Foster

How Lutron Motorized Window Shades Benefit Your Greenwich, CT Home

Greenwich, CT – Lutron Motorized Window Shades offer luxury homeowners the most elegant daylight control on the market. As a home automation company DAVCO recommends Lutron to every client that is interested in motorized window shades. Lutron is able to function as a standalone lighting & shade system and can also be integrated into home automation systems such as Crestron and Savant. 

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Diverse Design Options

Motorized Window Shades by Lutron offers a ton of different design options. Not only are there multiple types of motorized shades but there are also tons of fabric options and fabric purposes. Selecting a sheer option keeps a perfect view of the outdoors while offering some protection from the sun. Translucent fabrics offer privacy but still allow for a rough view of the outdoors while blackout fabrics will eliminate all daylight in a room. 

A common installation choice for primary bedrooms is dual rollers. This way during the day you can protect your furniture, art, and flooring from the sun with a sheer fabric but still have a blackout fabric at night when it’s time to go to sleep or enjoy a movie in bed. 

Improved Sleeping Conditions

The easiest way to fall asleep is in a completely black room, whether it’s blue light from a TV or external lights from street lamps, having a light source in your room is detrimental to your sleep. Black-out shades help improve your sleep by completely eliminating intrusive exterior light. This is an especially great option for those that don’t work a typical 9-5 schedule and need to sleep when the sun is out.

Energy Savings

During those hot summer days when your air conditioning is running nonstop having blinds, shades, and draperies closed helps keep that cool air inside, easing the stress on your AC unit. Conversely in the winter, those shades help keep your warm air inside.

Whisper Quiet

While Lutron isn’t the only company in the market that offers motorized shades, by all accounts they offer the quietest of motors.  At 3 feet away even the largest of Lutron motors operate at 38 dBA (40 dBA is a soft whisper). 

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