Winter is Coming …

Fall is my favorite season and I don’t want to see it end, but we all know “winter is coming.” In the Northeast, we are susceptible to harsh storms and it can be challenging to protect our homes and our home electronics. 

Most consumer-grade surge protectors are designed to protect against electrical surges only and are often good for only one shot. Electronic equipment can also be damaged by lightning or power surges from many different pathways including: cable TV lines, telephone lines, computer network feeds, inter-building wiring, pool controllers, landscape speakers, outdoor lighting, or any device installed outside.

The best way to minimize the risk of electrical damage is to find the pathways that lead to your electronics and protect each of those pathways. Click here  to see an illustration of potential areas for power issues. Any cable plugged into your equipment can be a pathway, which is why cellular phones and tablets aren’t damaged by electrical surges and lightning strikes (unless they are plugged into their chargers).

Unfortunately, many of our customers have been affected by storm damage. After recovering from the devastation, they often request a heavy duty protection system (click for a sample design) from Transient Protection Design. While there are no guarantees against acts of nature, installing a high-quality system can help prevent some of the inconvenience.