Séura Innovation

Technology brings a myriad of opportunities to our homes and our Séura rep, Kevin, recently stopped by to show us an innovative opportunity.
Kevin gave us a demonstration of the Séura Smart Mirror and it really is the ultimate in smart home sophistication.

Séura Smart Mirror
(Click the mirror for a demonstration.)

Close up of Command Central
Imagine being able to access and interact with all this information: 
weather, email, today’s schedule, calendar, music, maps, shopping, 
social media, smart home control and more.
While this is a definite time saver for your morning routine, we can also envision this mirror in your kitchen or office.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall….
     Who has RSVP’d for the birthday party? 
     What’s the best route to the game tonight?
     Where is the best apple-picking this weekend?

What would you ask your mirror?