New Crestron Remotes




Crestron describes these remotes as “Epic Functionality” and we agree!

The Challenge:
Have you ever been watching TV in the dark, tried to press the “light” button on your remote (so you can see the buttons to adjust volume, channels, etc.) and accidentally hit the “off” button instead?

The Solution:
Our previous remote was great, but my wife always felt that not having a distinct, easily accessed “light” button was a design flaw.

When I saw the new Crestron remotes, I knew we had to have one.
In our house, the most appreciated new feature is the Movement Sensor. “The Accelerometer detects if the remote is picked up or moved, wakes the remote from sleep mode, and turns on the button backlight if the room is dark.”
You don’t even have to find the light button. In a dark room, as soon as you pick up the remote, the button backlight comes on!

For more details about these elegant new remotes, give us a call or click for more information: 

Handheld Remote HR-310
Touch Screen Remote TSR-310

For homeowners with multiple residences, this Crestron video demonstrates the sophistication and simplicity a Crestron system can add to your lifestyle.