If You Build It, They Will Come: 4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

How can you bring the luxury and convenience of your home technology to your outdoor entertaining space? Here are a few features that will add some bass, video, light and comfort to your favorite outdoor hangout. These elements can also be integrated into your existing control system.

1. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor patios, spas and pools are great ways to enjoy your property. 
Unfortunately, we only get so much sunlight in a day and once the sun sets, we need to rely on outdoor light fixtures to keep the party going past sundown. This includes path lighting and step lighting to keep you and your guests safe as they move about, as well as wash lights and bullet lights to highlight all the fun features in your yard. Quality landscape fixtures  are designed to withstand wear and tear from weather and they come with extensive warranties so your investment will last for years.

2. Landscape Audio

Whether you are enjoying a favorite artist or playing some house music for a party, getting those tunes outside really adds to the atmosphere. Strategically placed landscape speakers can provide outdoor zones for dance parties, movie nights, peaceful areas for conversation – whatever suits your lifestyle! 

3. Outdoor TVs

Having it all means never having to choose between watching the game and enjoying the pool. Outdoor TVs are rated for exposure to all the elements, without having to be removed and re-installed every year. That means this TV can stand up to rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperature differences. 

4. Outdoor Shades

Roller shades for the patio may seem over the top, but outdoor shades can drastically reduce the sun’s UV light so that you and your guests can enjoy a comfortable, cooler spot on the patio. These shades also have a retractable insect screen to thwart unwanted guests that can ruin your next soirée. Additionally, reducing the glare of the sun makes for a perfect place to read a book or watch TV without straining your eyes. Outdoor shades can easily be added to your Lutron lighting control program and they even guard against stray golf balls.