Davco “No Regrets” Newsletter

Davco “No Regrets” Newsletter


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We specialize in making homes and offices fun, productive and efficient,
by integrating custom technology.

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Dear Friends of DAVCO,

Our newsletter story about Lutron USB outlets led to several conversations with our clients about kitchen renovations. You really can’t talk about kitchen renovations without mentioning the incredible disruption this process has on your family and lifestyle. As we discussed this at DAVCO, we wondered,  “How can we improve the planning stages of our projects, to minimize inconvenience & stress for our clients?” For a sample of our ideas or to give us feedback, please read on…

Greg DellaCorte

No Regrets   
Our goal at Davco is to design a smart home system that will enable
you to enjoy the full technology potential of your home, for years to come.

One of our customers sent us this email and we want all
of our clients to feel the same way!

Our initial project consultations with clients include a variety of  “fact-finding” questions such as:

How do you use your kitchen 
(cooking, entertaining, homework, bill paying, etc.)? Let’s discuss how to best light your kitchen for those activities.

Where do you think lighting control keypads would be most convenient for you to control these lights?

There are also “big picture” questions to explore, such as:                                                                                 
Do you love to cook? Lutron’s new EcoSystem Technology enables us to control individual LED fixtures, for a whole new level of customization.

Do you love to entertain? 
The new technology in lighting color can enhance the ambiance of any room.

We believe good consultation questions are a key element in the planning and communication process that leads to clients with No Regrets.

Can you help us with our No Regrets project?
What questions do you wish someone had asked you?
What suggestions have been helpful to you in the past? 
Email me  to let us know your thoughts – all comments are appreciated!


Davco Trivia   

1943 was the answer to our last Trivia question, “In what year was the all-time coldest temperature in the state of Connecticut recorded?”  Since none of our readers guessed the exact year, we gave the coveted Davco mug award to R. S., from Westport, for sending in the response that we were all thinking: “2018!”

But enough about the cold winter. Many movie-lovers say that “Jaws” was the first summer blockbuster movie.
What is your favorite summer movie?
Bonus question – If you own your favorite summer movie, what is the format – VHS? DVD? Kaleidescape? Amazon video? 
Send me an email!

D a v C o n n e c t
The ultimate in personalized service for your Smart Home
Client satisfaction and system dependability are the foundation of our business plan at Davco. Providing fun, long-lasting and reliable home systems is our goal, and to achieve it we offer DavConnect, the ultimate experience in personalized service for your Smart Home.


Still thinking about DavConnectCall us for more details.  


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