How Does Lighting Affect Your Home?

Lighting drastically changes the look and feel of a room.  And while the style of your decorative sconce or chandelier will influence the decor of your room, the quality, color, and direction of your light can dramatically affect the ambiance and focal points. Just check out the artwork in these before and afters…















We have been learning more about the goals, essential components, and benefits of a well designed lighting plan. And what we found is that fixtures matter. The light from a quality fixture can add vibrancy to colors and paintings. Adjustments can be made to ensure that your room has appropriate lighting & shading, as well as optimal light color & intensity. We can also plan for integration with your current lighting system.

The end result? Rooms with perfect levels of ambient light and accent lighting on important details. 

If you are renovating a space in your home, we would love to show you Lutron’s dimmable LED fixtures and controls!