Why Home Automation For Your Connecticut Home?

Why Home Automation For Your Connecticut Home?

Although it is becoming more popular each day, some people are still not sure what home automation is, let alone if it’s something that they could benefit from. Simply put, home automation allows homeowners to easily manage various aspects of their home including lighting, window shades, speakers, HVAC or security systems. Homeowners can utilize in-home control devices such as touch panels or remote devices such as smart phones.

How Home Automation Works

Home Automation is the integration of your home’s devices into one seamless network so that they can be controlled easily. You might have heard about “The Internet of Things.” Certain gadgets that are capable of this technology, like your thermostats, locks, lighting, shades and more can all be controlled through home automation technology without having to do it manually, as many of us still do.

Connecticut homeowners will be able to control the items plugged into this network from one central command center, which could be an app on your phone, a program on your computer or a special panel in your home (or all of them together). This means you program how and when you want your electronic devices, appliances, lighting, gadgets, etc to respond.

The continued improvements of this technology are dictating the way new homes are built and many homes are being upgraded.

The Advantages Home Automation Technology

This is usually the number one issue for people these days. Having the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe when you leave or when you are there is crucial. With home automation you can set your lights to turn on and off, shades to raise and lower as well as music to play, giving your home the appearance of someone being at the residence.

When at home, you can monitor what is going on around the premises and control your door locks, without having to budge.       

Cost Effective
Our systems allow you to save on your heating and cooling bills because with shade control, you can block out harmful UV rays in the summer as well as maintain a comfortable heating temperature during the winter months.   

Easy Operation
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to use home automation technology, we customize our design to your requirements and needs. We help you simplify by consolidating all of your technology and devices into one convenient program.

Not only does home automation provide security, efficiency and savings, but embracing such technology can enhance the look and feel of your home. You won’t find any unsightly wires emerging from behind your walls and devices – home automation runs on wireless technology so it not only works well but looks great too!

About Davco Custom Integration Home Automation Services

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Why Home Automation?

Why Home AutomationWith each passing day, more and more homeowners are making the switch to home automation. Not only are home automation systems convenient, but they are arguably the best way to achieve energy efficiency for your home. Here are a few reasons why you should have a home automation system installed for your home.

Increases Your Safety

One reason why so many homeowners are getting automation systems for their homes is for safety. If you have a home automation system installed, you will be able to use your smartphone or other mobile device to control the lighting and appliances in your home. For example, some automation systems allow you to check whether you turned off the oven before leaving for work. When you and your family are not home, you can use the home automation system to turn on and off the lights at specific times to create the impression that you are at home.

You can also have security cameras installed as a part of your home automation system. This will allow you to use your smartphone to observe footage of the security cameras in real time while you’re away from home.


Convenience is another reason why more and more homeowners are realizing home automation is the way to go. Many people forget to adjust the thermostat of their home before they leave for work. As a result, they get home from work to a house that is far too hot or cold. A home automation system will allow you to control the thermostat remotely from a mobile device, such as a smartphone. In the morning, you won’t have to worry about much more than simply getting ready on time so that you won’t be late for work.

Saves Money and Energy

The primary motivator to get a home automation system for most people is the desire to save energy and money. Homeowners are only willing to pay so much for their energy bills before they actively search for ways to increase the energy efficiency of their home.

So many homeowners forget to turn off all the lights in their home when leaving to go to work or do errands. With a home automation system, it is very easy to turn off the lights in your home even when you’re many miles away. Therefore, simply forgetting is not an excuse to not make energy conscious decisions if you happen to have a home automation system. The less energy you use in your home, the lower your energy bills will be.

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