Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting

In April, we had the opportunity to attend a  training event  that was considerably different and more exciting than our typical – sit in a classroom behind our laptops learning about the new software changes and product updates.  This was an outdoor experience that included impressive outdoor audio equipment demonstrations by day and gorgeous lighting techniques by night.  It was a real hands-on training and we learned so much about how a couple of 3-watt energy efficient LED lamps can illuminate impressive size trees, sculptures, facades or other exterior features and spaces.  Coastal Source products are built to withstand the elements and if you give us the opportunity to put one of their fixtures in your hands or better yet demo them for you, I’m confident you will be as impressed as we are.



Lip lights for accent lighting on outdoor bars, patio features or pools.







Bullet lights create a cascading effect on a group of Evergreens.  A nice way to accent natural foliage or architectural features.