Why Upgrade Your Home To A Smart Home

Why Upgrade Your Home To A Smart Home

You undoubtedly know what a smart phone is, but do you know what a smart home is? As this term, and technology grows, in the near future you will likely hear more and more about this innovative type of home and all its benefits. In many ways it follows similar concepts that smart phones do, and it has the potential to transform a homeowner’s life. Here’s why.

What Is a Smart Home?

The term “smart home” gives many clues as to what this type of home is. It is a dwelling that includes various technologies and equipment that can communicate with each other and that the homeowner can control even when away from home through a time schedule or through remote technology, via phone or Internet.

A wide range of equipment and technology can be included in a smart home, and this includes lighting, heating, air conditioning, computers, televisions, audio and video systems for entertainment, security systems, and camera systems. This type of capability would have been considered futuristic not too many years ago, yet the future is now, as these capabilities are here and ready to be accessed.

Compelling Reasons to Consider a Smart Home

Many high-level advantages result from converting a residence to a smart home. The products associated with smart homes bring more convenience to the homeowner’s life as well as savings of time, money, and energy. These homes also offer added comfort, security, and energy efficiency around the clock, whether residents of the dwelling are at home or not. They do all this with the added convenience of being able to be controlled remotely.

Because of how they operate and what they do, smart homes also offer benefits from an environmental standpoint in terms of energy savings and good stewardship of the planet’s resources.

Converting to a Smart Home

Perhaps in the future more residences will be built as smart homes, but up until now they have typically not been. That means if a homeowner would like to have a smart home, it is necessary to retrofit an already-built home with smart technology. So it is necessary to find a hire a qualified company that is able to complete work like this. Doing all of that is completely possible, which makes smart homes a possibility for many homeowners.

Convert Your Home Into A Smart Home With DAVCO

DAVCO enhances homes and businesses through the seamless integration of the highest in quality custom electronics, including smart home technology. Our company designs, installs, and maintains systems that are customized based on the homeowner’s lifestyle. If you are interested in reaping the many benefits that come with having a smart home, contact DAVCO Custom Integration at (203) 838-5887.